Creation of icoone® using Roboderm® patented technology, a revolution in the treatment of connective tissue

It is a pleasure to announce you that in 2014 the new company I-Tech Industries Srl has took over the production of Overmed Innovations Srl, maintaining icoone® brand continuity.

icoone® is the only patented appliance in the world for treating

  • connective tissue
  • fibrillar tissue
  • elastic tissue
  • adipose tissue
  • muscle tissue
  • microcapillary circulation

employing a fractionated massage designed to apply alveolar micro stimulation.

By virtue of its exclusive Roboderm® patent method, icoone® is the only technology able to deliver Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation — in other words, a genuine revolution in treatment of the connective tissue.

I-Tech Industries has created an appliance featuring a high technological content based on extremely firm scientific principles. In effect, the project is inspired by the extraordinary intuition of Prof Jean-Claude Guimberteau, specialist in reconstructive surgery, regarding the structure of connective tissue.

Guimberteau has shown that subcutaneous tissue consists effectively in a myriad network of micro vacuoles, haphazardly arranged and of fractal appearance, constituting the main component — the functional and continuous core — of the overall tissue structure.

It is a new vision that totally supersedes the traditional concept of layered tissue, and consequently dictates the need for a NEW WAY OF TREATING THE SKIN.

I-Tech Industries has taken up and developed this new scientific evidence, employing a team of highly qualified engineers and medical experts to design a technology capable of responding to the new-found requirements of the tissue by accurately treating the innumerable microvacuoles of the dermis.

The technology in question delivers important results in the treatment of all E.F.P.s (EDEMATOUS FIBROSCLEROTIC PANNICULOPATHIES) and of skin problems such as cellulite, localized fat deposits and skin laxity, and, thanks to a specific medical version, the range of treatments offered by icoone® also takes in various pathologies such as lymphoedema, burns, scars, and many other conditions affecting the beauty and wellness of the individual..

Scientific research, technical skill, professionalism and a strong belief in innovation are the elements that now make I-Tech Industries an ally Par Excellence in the treatment of connective tissue, cosmetic and medical alike.

The design, study, production and marketing of technologies and services having notable scientific and technological importance, intended primarily to guarantee customer satisfaction in terms of beauty, wellness and health.

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