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Legislative Decree N° 196 of 30 June, 2003
(Statute for protection of personal data)

In compliance with article 13 of the D.Lgs. 196/03, we wish to inform you that the I-Tech Industries srl keeps the personal data of clients, suppliers, collaborators and those who have voluntarily communicated in person or by forms, phone calls, e-mail or fax such information to our offices based on the principals of correctness, transparency and the protection of rights and reservations.

According to the indicated law (ref. Article 2 - Finality), the Holder of such information guarantees that the handling of personal data is carried out with respect to rights, fundamental liberty and dignity of the interested parties, and with particular reference to discretion, personal identification and the right for protection of personal data.

In compliance with Article 13 of such statute, the I-Tech Industries srl.wishes to inform you that the data in question will undergo the following: collection, editing, selection, extraction, comparison and magnetic filing (suitable to guarantee safety and reservation). This is done in order to compile archives in order to send informative material on the activity and initiatives promoted by the I-Tech Industries srl., by way of a computerized newsletter to the e-mail addresses furnished. Such data will not be divulged or disseminated to others in any way.

The conferment of such data is obligatory in order to offer the best service and performance requested. The refusal to furnish such data can lead to missing or partial execution of service.

Handling such data is carried out with both hard copies and computerized files, observing all measures of caution in order to guarantee safety and reservation. The data likewise is managed and protected in areas under constant control.

The I-Tech Industries srl also wishes to inform you, in compliance with article 7 of D. Lgs. No. 196/2003, that the interested parties have the right to know, update, change or cancel their data when opposed to its use in violation of existing laws.

The Holder of such personal data consists of the personnel of the I-Tech Industries srl, S. Lazzaro di Savena Bologna, via Cicogna 34/B

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