Scientific Studies

The multi-dimensional massage generated by icoone® guarantees optimum results even in the most difficult of cases, as shown by numerous scientific studies. Here are a few excerpts:

“The pressure on the skin and the vibration of receptors induced by icoone® are felt by the patient as a gentle massage that has the effect of generally relaxing the network of micro-vacuoles.”

“The connective tissue, with its network of bundles and fibres, is not a passive structure but rather, a dynamic system intrinsically reactive to the stresses of everyday living”

“The experimental study conducted shows icoone® to be effective both in the cosmetic and in the medical field, for treating common skin complaints (specific skin disorders, abnormalities of the connective tissue, hypertrophic skin lesions, peripheral circulation problems, oedema, etc.)”

“the icoone® system is of proven effectiveness for treating not only cellulite, but equally, all conditions and disorders that affect skin tissue. And it is entirely safe”

Download PDFs of the more important Scientific Studies conducted: