icoone® treats the infinitely small with infinitely great success

icoone® delivers delicate, yet efficient body and face treatments that are suitable for every kind of skin. In fact, since it stimulates the connective tissue, icoone® is able to deliver three simultaneous actions:

  • draining: icoone® allows the drainage of excess liquids and metabolic waste.
  • remodelling: enhancing lipolysis, icoone® allows a targeted action on localized fat deposits and cellulite;
  • toning: the stimulation of fibroblasts enhances the production of collagen and elastin that are responsible for skin tone and texture.

icoone® produces a genuine skin workout and can be used to treat the entire body, including the most delicate areas (like the eyes, bust, neck, inner arms, inner thighs), with no pain or side effects. icoone® treatments can be combined with other treatments or therapies to speed up the conditioning or healing process and achieve the desired results faster.

icoone® is the only device equipped with a two-heads handpiece, the Robotwins. In addition to being pleasant for the patient and to call up the symmetry and natural effect of a manual massage, it is comfortable to use for the operator.

The completely customizable settings of the heads allow to deliver a treatment that is tailored to the patient so that it perfectly works on specific problems and according to their preferences. The action will then be very efficient and extremely pleasurable.

Natural and gentle facial and body treatment